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1. Qualifying Criteria
E-Mail Address
The information you capture in this vehicle finance application will be sent to one or more financial institution for their assessment.
All Parties hereto, whether individual or joint, hereby consent the Banks to access their credit profile from the credit bureaus for the purposes of a credit assessment and in the event that the loan application is successful, for on-going account maintenance purposes, setting limits, development of credit tools/products/models and insurance purposes.
I am insolvent
I am currently subject to an Administration Order
I am currently under sequestration
I am currently under debt review
I am currently liable as a guarantor
I am currently liable as a surety
I am currently liable as a co-debtor
The following questions relate to any and all financial (or other) institutions which may receive your information for assessment during the vehicle finance application process.
Consent for bank to obtain customer bank statements
Consent for bank to obtain customer payslip
I consent to my details being shared within the company
I consent to receive marketing information from within the company